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It is nearly impossible to live without access to electricity nowadays. Sometimes electrical issues do happen, and dealing with them can be stressful and risky. Especially if you're not an expert in the field!

Luckily, you no longer need to take on this responsibility! We are the best local electricians in Swansea and South Wales, and we’ll provide you competitive service in the fastest and cost-effective way possible.

Below, you will find out more about us and our services.

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We’re Based Out Of Swansea

When you choose professional electrical service, you should choose one that is from your local area. An outside electricians might be able to do the job, but they won't care about you and your family like we do!

We are a local electrical company. All the people working for us live in Swansea. We feel that it is our duty to treat you like a family, so we will do everything we can to make you happy and satisfied with our service.

When working with us, you can guarantee that our excellent service and friendly, professional attitude will put a smile on your face!

Wales, Swansea

We are fully certified

We are proud to be licensed electricians

We are fully certified

In order to become a licensed electrician in UK, you must

  • complete a 3-4 year apprenticeship and
  • hold a Level 3 technical and vocational qualification, or Level 3 Diploma.

Also, you must keep up with all latest law updates and regulations.

It may look cheaper to work with non-licensed electrician, however consequences could be dire:

  • you could be forced by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to have work redone, altered or removed;
  • you could run into problems selling your property;
  • you could be fined.

We are proud to be licensed electricians who know how to get the job done as quickly and conveniently as possible. To make sure our license is in good standing, we obey all laws and regulations that apply to UK electricians.

Electricians at work - master and apprentice

We are Insured

A problem with the electricity could result in a house fire or even death

We are Insured

You can minimise your risks by working with a professional. But it is never possible to eliminate all the risks completely. This is why we protect our clients by maintaining a reliable insurance policy. We understand that if there were a problem with the electricity, it could result in a house fire or even death.

We have prepared for the worst-case scenario, and we think we've done it well. When you hire us, you will be able to keep your mind at ease. If anything goes wrong, our insurance will cover the costs for any damages. And if someone gets hurt in your home, our insurance will pay for medical bills.

You can be sure, working with us, the risks are minimal.

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The Most Versatile Swansea Electrician

Whether you live in Swansea or surrounding areas, we sincerely feel that working with us will be your best decision possible. We are the most versatile electricians in this area, and we’ll be able to get electrical work done no matter how complicated your needs may seem.

We offer a wide variety of domestic and commercial electrical work to meet all your needs. From residential and commercial facilities to industrial sites, from domestic electrical repairs to commercial installations and long-term maintenance services, from design work on new structures or remodelling existing ones to large-scale projects such as power supply systems for manufacturing plants or public buildings.

Whether you run your own shop, manage a factory, or own a home, you can be sure you can count on us to help! A jiffy is all it takes for us to rectify any existing issues and have you back on the grid in no time.

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What Electrical Services We Offer

Non-exhaustive list:

  • Domestic Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Electrical Repairs & Fault Finding
  • Electrical Installations & Security Systems
  • Home Rewires & Wire Replacement
  • Electrical Remodelling & Renovation
  • Domestic and Commercial Electrical Work
  • Light Fittings, Outlets & Fixture Installation
  • Fuse Boards & Circuit Breakers Installation
  • Rewiring Existing Outlets & Extra Sockets
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing)
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation
  • Electrical Home Safety Inspection Service
  • EICR Landlord Certificates
  • Etc...
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Troubleshooting & Electrical Fault Finding

Attempting to find out precisely what is wrong with your electrical system can be a tough, daunting task. Luckily for you, there's an easy way to find out what your issue is without spending hours trying to figure it out yourself - call us!

Our electricians are the best in the area. We can troubleshoot any electrical problem that you have, no matter how big or small it is!

You name it:

  • sparks,
  • dead outlets,
  • tripping breakers,
  • hot fixtures and switches,
  • flickering & dimming lights,
  • entire commercial system crash,
  • industrial appliance failure,
  • etc...

You'll find that no matter what kind of problem you're experiencing, there is one thing for sure - you can depend on us to get it fixed!

Electrical Installation

Whether you're running a store or own your home, it is inevitable that you might need to install new large appliance at some point. For example, it could be a new air conditioning unit, hot water heater or washing machine.

These appliances are often demanding on their electrical needs. They require special plugs and outlets, and some need a breaker box of their own.

Unfortunately, installation work and hooking up this type of appliance by yourself could be challenging, if not impossible. That is where we come on the scene; our company has the most skilled, well-trained and knowledgeable electrical contractors in Swansea.

We are more than capable of hooking up the power to your new appliance. We’ll gladly help you solve this problem, so give us a call!

EICR, Inspections and PAT Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a kind of detailed inspection of the electrical systems in your property. It can tell you, if there are any problems with the wiring, consumer unit, outlets or anything else.

It is necessary to check your electric systems regularly to ensure they are safe and to prevent any potential accident.

The IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671 recommends the following:

  • Business owners should have an EICR test once every 5 years
  • Landlords should have an EICR test once every 5 years or when tenancy changed
  • Home owners should have EICR test every 10 years
  • Properties with swimming pool need to be tested annually

Also EICR test should be carried, when some major remodelling or changes in electrical system took place.

When do you need it done?

When do you need it done?Hire a pro! 01792 949001

Cost-Effective Electrical Solution

We are happy to provide the most cost-effective electrical solutions in all of Swansea. We offer reasonable prices while maintaining complete transparency. To make sure that this is the case, our company offers free quotes on all of our services.

Our free quotes will help you understand your costs upfront, exactly what your bill will be before project even starts. Rest assured, we are not going to surprise you with extra fees halfway through. Our team can never and will never raise the price of a project after it's been completed.

Our services are NOT cheapest on the market, however our top-of-the line quality and your satisfaction are worth every last penny.

Commercial electrical inspection and maintenance


Ian Bek

“Outstanding service and speed. Helped out our tenants in a pinch without notice. Job done in less than an hour. Everyone happy and stress free. Thanks!”

George Burune

“I've used their services for a couple of serious issues at our community, and they have been fantastic! They really gave me the professional service I needed.”

Rebecca Nitas

“By far the best service I have ever received. Tech guy was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was able to diagnose the problem and make the repair. Thank you for help.”

Why We’re The Best Electrician, Swansea Has To Offer

Why We’re The Best Electrician, Swansea Has To Offer

Nowadays, all people need access to a good electrician. At the same time, business owners should also know about their local electricians.

Good news - you've found us!

We are truly the most skilled and reliable electrical contractor in the entire area, and we can solve your problem quickly and conveniently. Read below the benefits of working with us!

  • We are locally based and want to be the company you call for all of your needs, thus we sincerely care about your satisfaction.
  • We are a licensed and insured company, we will help you get the job done while virtually eliminating all risks involved.
  • We are more than capable of meeting your needs, including residential, commercial and industrial. And we come far and beyond of just meeting.
  • We are experts in diagnosing and solving electrical issues quickly like nobody else can.
  • All of our electricians have the experience and training to get the job done the right way.

JK Electrician, Master at phone call

What's the scope?

What's the scope?Hire a pro! 01792 949001

Contact Us Immediately, If...

Burned and damaged UK socket

Contact Us Immediately, If...

We know that when you experience any type of power problem, it can be a complete nightmare. But worry not! We are here to help with all your electric needs - outlets and plugs, light switches or sockets in the wall, large projects like an entire wiring system overhaul, for your home or office building, other you-name-it tasks.

Electricity is literally at our fingertips 24/7. But there will always come times where we need professional assistance maintaining these systems

  • whether due to age - some homes were built before electricity was even invented!
  • wear-and-tear on equipment over time, such as outlets, breakers and fuses,
  • weather conditions affecting electrical lines outside, causing surges, which damage electronics inside the house...

The list goes on and one thing's for sure: it is truly time to call us.

We are on standby and eager to hear from you. When you ready to ask a question, request a free quote or schedule an appointment, you should pick up the phone and reach out to us immediately.

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